BeBalanced Centers

I started working in the health field 27 years ago simply wanting to help women lose weight, get fit and eat healthier. When I worked closely with a weight loss franchise with women trying to do just that, I realized losing weight was much more complicated as a woman aged. Other factors besides diet and exercise came into play especially around menopause. Therefore, I decided to study hormonal component to this dilemma and worked under a specialist and chemist to develop a protocol used at my first center which is now being franchised as BeBalanced Centers. Due to the success of our first franchises our goal is to have this onsite help in every city of the country some day!

To find out more about our Becoming Balanced Program, the foundation of our centers, go to There is page to see if there is a BeBalanced center in your area.

If you have a desire to investigate this fulfilling and rewarding business opportunity, please email director of franchise relations, my brother,

A Non-Medical Solution to a Moderns Woman’s Struggles…stubborn weight, mood and sleep issues!

A word from our franchise director, Dave Cutillo:

“With thousands of ecstatic clients, BeBalanced Centers are the only franchise to provide solutions that directly address the problem for women (age 35+) struggling to lose that stubborn weight, and deal with other hormonal issues.”

Images taken at Be Balanced by Melissa Engle Photography http://www.melissaenglephotography.comWe are an exciting ground-floor franchise opportunity, and are uniquely positioned to address inadequacies in both the weight loss and hormone replacement therapy industries, with our Natural Hormone Balancing Program! BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers is a non-medical solution to hormone-related issues that millions of women in the 35+ demographic struggle with, like insomnia, hot flashes, and anxiety. Images taken at Be Balanced by Melissa Engle Photography http://www.melissaenglephotography.comWe have tied key hormone imbalances with an individual’s inability to lose stubborn weight, and have created a solution which allows people to lose unnecessary fat quickly and safely! Additionally, we have developed a program to ensure that women keep their weight off, and their irritating hormone related symptoms at bay.

This topic is hot in the media, as evidenced by our founder’s ongoing appearances on national TV. The franchise is offered at a low cost of entry, has minimal inventory requirements, and lifestyle-friendly hours of operation – while retaining high margins and residual income! An owner of a BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center can be proud to offer a program on the cutting edge of natural health, which deeply impacts the lives of women. Dividends are paid through monetary profits, as well as the gratitude and advocacy of your clients!