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Thank you for stopping by! I know you’re here because you value wellness—and I do too. I love what I do because I want women to look and feel their best every day. I’m dedicated to helping women with many of the issues I dealt with where there was no conventional health available. Being the “wounded healer” gives me empathy and helps me to validate women’s concerns when no one else in their life might be.

The body is amazing and so is the mind. I found that my background working with nutrition and understanding anatomy and physiology helps me bridge the body and the mind via hormonal work. Hormones, although generated in the body, affect the mind and how we feel daily as well as how we pass through different phases of our reproductive life. Balance is key in a woman’s life and the endocrine system lays the foundation for this.

frontcover I chose to take the natural approach I call, “natural hormone balancing”. This involves safe, effective supplementation combined with lifestyle adjustments (diet, exercise and relaxation therapy tips) to bring fast results that far exceed expectations. I wrote my book, The Hormone “Shift”, to put the premise of this type of balancing in one resource and now blog on any topics that involve health and stress since these factors directly affect your hormones!

I feel better now than in my twenties and have more confidence in myself and what I do based on years of experience of seeing results and understanding the basic underlying scientific principles. Natural hormone balancing has helped my skin, my waistline and my monthly cycle. I feel I discovered part of the fountain of youth with this work and although I have helped over 5000 women I never get tired of helping women and sharing success stories.

Contact me if you have any questions as none are too small on the road to discovering your hormone health potential!

Dawn Cutillo

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